12 most hilarious double meaning images ever shared via the internet!!

Beware, you have been warned! You may die because of laughter if you continue reading..



Post contains NSFW content. Viewer discretion advised.




Let us begin…Shall we?

It’s all in the name they say!





What!! I thought this is illegal? Wait, is it Kids Exchange?





FYI, all my virgin friends..





 Weird exit sign!





He did please 15 women! Why apologise for that?





I am not gonna eat f**king Chinese food again!





This is where you get off and reach climax!




This hilarious road sign was photographed somewhere in north India and it never fails to giggle me 😀





This will further confuse whether to go left or to go right!





Great bridge for cyclists. Car owners travel underwater.





Took me a while o actually figure out it is a pump.



How on earth can someone walk without walking? 😀



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